Healthy Bedding


A third of your life revolves around the bedroom – why wouldn’t you want the healthiest and most peaceful environment for those eight hours? True rest and relaxation in a safe, healthy bedroom can result in improved physical and mental health, enhanced energy throughout the day, and escape from the stress and cloudy energy that accompany rest that is not truly restful.

Coyuchi is a northern California  company that produces a beautiful line of quality bed and bath items -- all made from certified organic cotton. In working toward that end, Coyuchi has been recognized for its role in bolstering the production of organic cotton.

Coyuch ireceived the United Nations Second Annual Fashion Industry Award for Environmental Excellence. Cotton plant - mature. All the organic cotton for Coyuchi products is grown in India by family farmers organized in cooperatives. Premium prices are paid to these small-scale growers for their organic cotton fiber because this encourages organic practices that protect not only the environment, but the farmers, their families, and their communities from exposure to toxic agricultural chemicals. Also, by purchasing their cotton, and products made from their cotton, we help support local and economically sustainable production.



Mattress Pads and Toppers
Duvet Covers, Quilts

Comforters, Blankets and Shams

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