Nurture yourself with Coyuchi organic bath products.Click to shop for bath linens.
Terry Collection

Bringing our signature bath styles together at last.


Bath Sheets

The ultimate 100% organic cotton terry
bath sheet to wrap and wrap and wrap yourself in.


Bath Towels

Regular size towel, with maximum purity for your skin.


Hand Towels

Organic Cotton Hand Towel
So generous, you won't think this is only a hand towel.




Wash Cloth

Organic Cotton Wash Cloth
Would you let anything else touch your face?




Bath Mat

Organic Cotton Bath Mat
The first moment of kindness when you step out of the bath.


Shower Curtain

Organic Cotton Shower Curtain
Shower curtain...emphasis on curtain.



Organic Cotton Robes
The robe you've always dreamed of, and guess what, it's organic.


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