Sleeping well is vital to good health. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, and an organic bed is an excellent way to ensure that, for at least 8 hours a day, we are free from

exposure to the toxic chemicals so prevalent in consumer products today. It all begins with the materials. Organic mattresses and beddi

ng are derived from natural materials. Conventional mattresses are made primarily of man-made materials derived from nonrenewable resources such as natural gas and petrochemicals. Plus, in conventional mattresses, fire retardants and other chemicals are used on cover fabrics and in paddings. Our mattresses and bedding are made with naturally flame-resistant organic Eco-Wool, which keeps you safe without the use of chemical fire retardants.

Eco-terric carries organic mattresses from Natura.Natura

’s organic line is made with certified organic materials, which means it’s chemical and pesticide free. All queen size mattresses in this line are made with 8 lbs of 100% certified organic wool, which translates to saving 2 acres of land from pesticides and other agri-chemicals for at least 4 years. 100% certified organic cotton cover,· 100% certified organic wool quilting,· 100% Natural latex core

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