Ethnic Line

Part of the pleasure of travel is finding unique things that reflect the beauty of another culture. On a trip to Morocco in the early '90's, Glenn and Ellen Wunderley discovered classically beautiful wood boxes fashioned in tiny shops. These boxes, and the burled Thuja wood they were made from were so exquisite that we believed that people in the U.S., who would never have an opportunity to travel to Morocco to appreciate them, would be interested in purchasing them if they were available here. Eco-Terric is proud to offer Wunderly's line of fair trade and ...utterly beautiful lighting.


Recycled Line

Brewleys ReRun  Productions creates it's unique line of floor lamps and table lamps in the central coast of California . These pieces are one of a kind art lamps created with entirely recycled materials. No two are alike and each is signed by the artist.



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